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Welcome to Completely Floorless, the #1-rated wood floor sanding in West London, where excellence meets craftsmanship. Our dedicated team takes pride in offering the best floor services that redefine the beauty and durability of your wooden floors. 

With a reputation for precision and quality, we bring expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to transform your floors into stunning, renewed spaces. Whether it’s hardwood, engineered wood, or parquet, Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding outcomes beyond expectations. 

Experience the finest floor restoration with our unparalleled services; for the best, most reliable, and affordable sanding services, contact us today.

Professional Floor Restoration

Wooden floors are a timeless and elegant choice for any home or business, adding warmth and sophistication to the environment. Maintaining the beauty and integrity of wood floors is essential to ensuring they last for years. Professional floor sanding plays a vital role in preserving and enhancing the appeal of wood flooring.

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What are the benefits of professional hardwood floor sanding services?

Professional companies can enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your wood floors. Enhanced durability and longevity are key benefits, as the sanding process removes surface imperfections and prepares the floor for refinishing, extending its lifespan. 

Additionally, sanding helps improve the aesthetic appeal by creating a smooth and uniform surface, enhancing the floor’s overall look. Furthermore, wood floor restoration eliminates scratches and dents and can be effectively removed through sanding, restoring the floor to its original beauty.

Wood Floor Sanding Professionals West London

How to choose the Best West London Floor Sanding Company

Wood floors can benefit from professional services for enhanced longevity and aesthetics. Customer testimonials can offer valuable information and insights into a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. 

Verifying the company’s experience and expertise in handling projects is essential to guaranteeing a professional result. Requesting a detailed quote and breakdown of services allows you to understand the scope of work and the costs involved, enabling you to make an informed decision. 

Completely Floorless is an established restoration company that specialised in wood floor sanding and restoration for more than ten years. 

Renew your precious wooden floors today; we offer reliable and affordable services and use only dustless floor machines to deliver perfectly finished wooden floors.

What to Expect from Our Floor Sanding in West London

Professional wood floor repair services involve a comprehensive assessment of the floor condition to identify areas requiring attention. Customised repair solutions based on the floor type are then implemented to address issues such as scratches, dents, or damaged areas. The seamless blending of sanding wood and repairing areas with the existing floor ensures a smooth and uniform appearance, maintaining the overall integrity of the wood flooring.

Why Choose Us?

We are experienced and professional hardfloor cleaners in Ascot

Parquet, Hardwood, Floorboards, Mosaics

Discover the diverse flooring world with our Parquet, Hardwood, Floorboards, and Mosaics options. Elevate your home with the timeless elegance of hardwood, embrace the classic charm of floorboards, or add a touch of intricate design with parquet and mosaic patterns. Our installation and supply of wood suits every style and preference, ensuring that your floors become a stunning focal point in any room. Whether you seek durability, sophistication, or unique design elements, our selection has you covered, providing the perfect foundation wooden floors can make for your home.

How do you maintain and care for Engineered Wood Flooring in West London?

Maintaining wooden floors requires regular care and attention to preserve their beauty and durability. It is essential to clean the floors regularly with appropriate products to remove dirt and debris without causing damage. Avoiding excess water exposure is crucial to preventing warping or damage to the wood. Periodic polishing and refinishing are recommended to protect the floor’s surface and maintain its shine and finish over time.

Why opt for parquet wooden floor restoration services

Parquet floors are known for their intricate designs and patterns uniquely charm any space. Opting for parquet floor restoration services not only preserves these distinctive features but also helps in regaining the lost shine and lustre of the flooring. Damaged parquet pieces can be repaired through restoration, ensuring the floor remains visually appealing and functional for years.

Floor Restoration in West London

Floor restoration is a rejuvenating process that involves sanding and maintaining wood surfaces, breathing new life into worn or damaged floors. It enhances the aesthetics, removes imperfections, and extends the lifespan of the wood, providing a cost-effective alternative to replacement. 

Contact us today if you want a floor renovation company with an excellent reputation and use dust-free floor sanding procedures. 

Read here what our clients in West London Say About Us.

Mingda Han
Mingda Han
Chris is superb and he made my floors look better than new! Also, he's a reliable guy who gave me a lot of honest advice and I highly recommend him!
Jacky Gamble
Jacky Gamble
Completely Floorless brought my old, very well used, parquet flooring back to life. The floor was in the house when I bought it years ago and I was never fond of the idea of covering it nor taking it up. Thank goodness I found these guys. My floor is now better than I ever imagined it could be. Very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I would highly recommend this company, thank you 😊
Philip Hinton
Philip Hinton
Chris restored the tired and tarnished parquet flooring in our hallway and office. With evident skill he completed the restoration within two days and has provided us with aftercare and maintenance advice that will ensure this beautiful floor will last. We will be asking for his help with other flooring in the future.
Anne S.
Anne S.
Chris restored my parquet flooring -sanding and oiling after it was hidden under carpet for a number of years. Turned up on time, explained what he was doing, tidied up. Even made the extra effort to get complimentary trim for the edges which was expertly fitted by Andy. And he drank all the coffee I made him.
Jin Bahia
Jin Bahia
Chris and his son, Aidan, transformed our wooden floor back to it's former glory, sanding and oiling it. The grain and knots are visible once again for us to enjoy. They also cleaned our kitchen tiles, resealing the grout to protect it from staining. They were exceptionally polite, knowledgeable and diligent, we highly recommend them.
Olivia Fuller
Olivia Fuller
Second time we've used this company which speaks for itself. Freshened up our sofa and carpets. Both look great!
Nick Parker
Nick Parker
Did a brilliant job sanding and lacquering a very tired and knackered wooden floor. The guys were helpful, considerate, tidy and efficient - and the floor looks amazing. Excellent. Highly recommend.
Liz Gamlen
Liz Gamlen
Chris from Completely Floorless was a pleasure to deal with. Responsive, punctual and most importantly, completed the work to a high standard. Highly recommended.
Yvette Grant
Yvette Grant
Had excellent service today with Chris, not only did he bring our kitchen floor tiles back to looking immaculate but also discovered a leak under the counter which would have done unimaginable damage to the kitchen floor. Well done and thank you Chris for a job well done

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FAQ's for our Floor Sanding and Restoration

Yes, we cover a 25-mile radius. You can see more of our ‘locations’ here.

You can perform floor sanding as a DIY project, but it requires proper equipment, skills, and safety precautions.

Completely Floorless provides sanding to all types of wooden floors, including parquet restoration, wood floor installation, floor maintenance such as repairs, wood floor sealing, floor staining and oiling, to name just a few.

Parquet floor sanding should be done every 8–12 years, depending on foot traffic and maintenance.

This process usually takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the area’s size, the floor’s condition, and the equipment used. We always advise sending over photos via email or phone so we can provide a more detailed timeframe.

Yes, you can install parquet flooring over underfloor heating, but following manufacturer guidelines and using appropriate adhesives to prevent damage is essential.

Yes, it can be restored through processes like sanding and refinishing, but the number of times it can be restored depends on the thickness of the top layer.

Floor sanding can generally be done on most types of wood flooring, but the floor’s specific wood species, condition, and thickness should be considered.


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